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By Bird and Book: a Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell fanmix

Posted on 2010.01.23 at 05:33
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It seems I've made another fan mix tape, this time for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, a book I've mentioned before.  (Alternate history Regency Britain, all that jazz)  Though I love it unconditonally and things I love tend to wind up with their own playlists on my iTunes, this has been the most difficult fandom I've ever created a mix for; almost six years after publication, and I'm still not satisfied.  Oh well, if you like free music, I can at least provide that!

What follows is a mildly spoiler-ific track listing.  I usually take the time to make a nice "cover," but I'm too tired tonight.  Here's an illustration instead.  I love steel engravings and woodcuts, but scratchboard is much more economically feasible, though I haven't used it in years--at least a decade, I bet.  So naturally my reintroduction is this big ornate thing:
Illustration and download links under the cutCollapse )